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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Swedish Massage           60 minutes     $65         90 minutes     $105

Classic Swedish massage using long, fluid strokes with light to medium pressure. Guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated

Sports Massage             60 minute     $65           90 minutes    $105

Recharge your system and ease those aches and pains hanging on from your recent workouts. Tailored to your individual sport(s) needs.

Hot Stone Massage         60 minutes     $85         90 minutes     $125

Use of hand picked, heated Colorado basalt stones incorporated into a Swedish massage. Enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and enhanced stress release.

Integrated Swedish Massage          60 minutes    $65          90 minutes    $105

Enhance or customize your Swedish massage with a mix of varied modalities to include deep tissue work, Joint Range of Motion, PNF stretching, Sports Taping, Neuro-muscular therapy, or Intra-oral therapy.

Soku Shin Do Foot Massage  15 minutes    $15        

Soku Shin Do (The Heart of the Feet) increases circulation in your feet giving the feet a sense of grounding, renewed vitality and balance. This is a 15 minute add-on to your basic massage.

Healing Touch Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice   60 minutes   $65     90 minutes   $105

Healing Touch is an energy therapy. Practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. Studies support the use of Healing Touch to reduce tension, stress and anxiety, to reduce fatigue and pain, shorten hospital stays, and improve immune function in cancer patients. Please call for more information or visit the Healing Touch Program at 

Oncology and Hospice Massage Services

Includes light touch massage or light touch or no touch Healing Touch EnergySessions are designed to meet the specific needs of the client. Benefits can include pain relief, reduction of stress, anxiety, and improved ability to sleep. The client does not need to disrobe for treatments, and can receive work in a chair, a bed, or on a massage table. Massage and Healing Touch sessions are available for family members and care givers as well. End of life services are available to provide comfort and ease of transition for the client and his or her loved ones.

Services available in-home or office locations. Please call Shannon to discuss your needs.

Chair Massage         $15 per minute (minimum of 4 clients at a given event or location)


Also available for family or group events.



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